News - 2012

2012-12-05  Processors' gathering

On December 5 and 6, all employees went to Svensk Energi’s processors’ gathering in Stockholm.

We had two rewarding days with a lot of interesting lectures.

2012-10-26  Training: Surveying

Niklas and Christian attended Topposition's course in Topcon's new software ”Magnet field”.

The updated software is used in our survey instrument. It is important to always use the latest technology and work according to the best practices.


2012-10-04  Training: High-tension current regulations

Kraftkonsult attended an EBR course.

On October 4, Magnus and Christian attended an EBR course in high-tension current regulations.

Svensk Energi

2012-09-26  Achilles Sellihca

Kraftkonsult i Skandinavien AB is qualified in Sellihca. The qualification is valid from September 26, 2012 to February 23, 2013.

Achilles launches supplier audits in the Nordic countries. Achilles annually performs over 8000 audits in various industries around the world. The audit supports buyers with risk management linked to social responsibility, environment, safety and quality. Suppliers get the opportunity to show their strengths and how well they fulfill the established criteria. They are also provided with a good basis for identifying development opportunities and establishing procedures for continuous improvement.

Certifikat - Sellica 2012

2012-09-01  EBR course

Kraftkonsult attended an EBR course.

Christian and Magnus went to an EBR course for processors.

Svensk Energi

2012-04-30  Electrical safety class

On April 30, Bertil and Jörgen attended an electrical safety class with staff from Siemens.

The class was given in English in Dresden, Germany.