News - 2014

2014-12-17  General agreement with Vattenfall

Kraftkonsult and Vattenfall Eldistribution have entered into a general agreement regarding technical consulting services.

We will provide services on regional and local grids within Vattenfall's grid areas in Sweden. It is a two-year contract with possibility of extension for two more years. Our services include processing work, project design, project management, investigation, surveying, inspection etc.

Through this cooperation, we hope that Vattenfall will be able to maintain a high quality grid.

The agreement takes effect as of January 1, 2015.



2014-12-01  Further cooperation with One Nordic

Kraftkonsult will provide One Nordic with services in project management in Hälsingland, end client Fortum.

We took this job on short notice and hope that One Nordic will be satisfied with the result.

Our companies have previously cooperated in the field of processing.


2014-11-27  Health assessment

Kraftkonsult has conducted a health assessment to find out how our employees are doing, what we are good at and what we can improve.

We consider health assessments to be very important since each employee is a valuable asset in our company.

Understanding the connection between lifestyle and wellbeing is extremely important in order for all of us to be happy with our work and everyday life.


2014-11-17  Job fair at STI

Natascha, Isabella, Tommy and Kent from Kraftkonsult attended a job fair at STI (Stockholm Technical Institute) to introduce the company and talk about what we can offer the students at the school.

20141112 143111


2014-10-31  Kraftkonsult enters into a new agreement

Kraftkonsult and Jämtkraft have recently entered into a cooperation agreement regarding processing work. It is a one-year contract with possibility of extension.

Through this cooperation, we hope that Jämtkraft will be able to maintain a high quality grid and that we can help them reach this goal. We will start by working out a framework for the processing work, according to Jämtkraft’s wishes.



2014-09-11  New deal with Härjeåns Nät

Kraftkonsult and Härjeåns have recently signed a cooperation agreement on processing services regarding electricity and opto.

It is a one-year contract with possibility of extension. Kraftkonsult will help Härjeåns ensure the quality of their grids.

We hope that this will contribute to increased client value. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation.


2014-08-11  Infratek

Kraftkonsult and Infratek have signed a one-year cooperation agreement on project management.

The framework agreement includes additional resources regarding consulting services for project management of local grids in the Stockholm area.

Infratek AB

2014-07-02  A new agreement

Kraftkonsult has recently reached an agreement with Vattenfall Services Nordic AB on a two-year cooperation on project management and processing in the Stockholm area.

The projects will be coordinated by Kraftkonsult through project management and processing. The goal is to streamline the execution of each task through knowledge, effective communication and a broad approach. We hope that this will lead to increased client value and look forward to long-term cooperation.


2014-05-23  Electrical operation responsibility

Kraftkonsult has been commissioned by Statkraft Sverige AB to take responsibility for the electrical operation at the Ögonfägnaden and Björkhöjden wind farms.

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Operation and maintenance of signal boxes and internal grid until the operations and maintenance manager is on site.
  • Supervision of electrical operation during commissioning and testing and later during operation until the operations and maintenance manager is on site. Tasks include establishing procedures for dealing with operating orders and switching schedules during these periods.
  • Switching supervision before takeover (project to operation) of each unit, signal box and radials. Tasks also include receiving requests for permit to work and issuing permits to work, ensuring that operating orders and switching schedules are compiled in accordance with established procedures as well as ensuring that switchings are executed.



2014-05-16  Documentation course

Kraftkonsult will help Luleå Energi Elnät AB establish a working method and workflow for their new documentation system.

The work is scheduled for August 2014 and will be led by our documentation specialist, Margareta Jansson.

Margareta is an experienced documentation specialist. She has been involved in establishing documentation procedures for one of the larger companies in Sweden and also has the relevant teaching experience. We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation with Luleå Energi.

Luleå Energi

Margareta Jansson

2014-05-15  Processing work in Värmdö

Kraftkonsult has entered into an agreement with Eltel Networks Infranet AB.

We will do processing work in Norrsundet and Björkholmen in Värmdö on Vattenfall's grid.


2014-05-02  Grid planner

Kraftkonsult has signed an agreement with E.ON, which includes assisting E.ON's client organization with support and assistance in their projects.

Examples of tasks:

  • Counseling clients, installers and others on site
  • Preparing tender documentation for installation management
  • Commissioning contractors using issue tracking systems
  • Following up contractor commitment
  • Managing plant relocation
  • Planning repair work after incidents
  • Dealing with damages caused by moving vehicles
  • Dealing with local matters of joint laying



2014-03-20  EBR days

Kraftkonsult will be attending the EBR days in Gävle, May 20-23.

We want to take the opportunity to see our clients and make some new acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to us.

Svensk Energi

2014-03-20  Documentation support

Kraftkonsult has recently agreed to help collect and organize documentation at Bristaverk 2 on behalf of Etteplan AB, end client Fortum Värme AB.

Kraftkonsult will assist Etteplan and Fortum in defining and receiving documentation for Bristaverk 2. After the documentation has been defined and received, we will handle the reviewing and input of documentation into the documentation system. Tasks also include establishing guidelines for future documentation management.



2014-02-20  Framework agreement with Swedish national grid

We recently entered into an agreement with Svenska kraftnät (Swedish national grid) regarding land and permits as well as documentation.

We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with Svenska kraftnät.


2014-02-20  Processing work for Rejlers

We have entered into an agreement with Rejlers AB on processing.

We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation. We will prepare Vattenfall's site in Flyggflö-Flärke for pipe laying and process the reconstruction of the existing grid in Kroksjö-Björna.


2014-01-29  Achilles Sellihca qualification

Achilles has renewed Kraftkonsult’s Sellihca qualification. The qualification is valid from January 29, 2014 to February 23, 2015.

Achilles launches supplier audits in the Nordic countries. Achilles annually performs over 8000 audits in various industries around the world. The audit supports buyers with risk management linked to social responsibility, environment, safety and quality. Suppliers get the opportunity to show their strengths and how well they fulfill the established criteria. They are also provided with a good basis for identifying development opportunities and establishing procedures for continuous improvement.

Certifikat - Sellica 2014