News - 2015

2015-12-23  Christmas gift

This year's christmas gift is "Nothing" from Save the Children. Kraftkonsult has given 22 gifts to charity. Read more about these gifts at raddabarnen.se.

2015-12-08  Restructuring of the company

We have made some changes in order to optimize our process. We haven't made any major changes, but the ones we have and will make are going to strengthen us, thereby making us better at adapting to our clients' and partners' needs.

We plan to focus more on quality, which will result in even better results.

2015-12-01  Kraftkonsult in numbers

Kraftkonsult in numbers (1 August 2014 to 31 July 2015):

  • Operational improvements: 2000 hours
  • Training: 1400 hours
  • Number of employees: 23

The focus of next year will be stability and communication. We will continute to fulfill our commitments and improve our methods further. I'm looking forward to developing with clients, suppliers and co-workers.

Best regards,
Tommy Norgren

Tommy Norgren

2015-11-25  Jämtkraft

Kraftkonsult and Jämtkraft have entered into a general agreement. The agreement runs until mid-2017 with possibility of extension. We will provide them with services in electrical design.


2015-10-11  Certified Processor

In September of 2015, Chatarina Fänjemo became a certified processor. During the fall of 2015, five more employees will get their certificates. This is a part of our vision to always strive for better quality and to let every employee reach their personal goals.

"Giving each employee the opportunity to develop is part of the core of Kraftkonsult." - Tommy Norgren, CEO.

Chatarina Fänjemo

2015-10-08  Fall has arrived

This year has gone by extremely fast. When time flies, it is a good sign that there is a lot of work to do. Kraftkonsult has made some big changes. We have concentrated on health and wellness, improved our work environment and opened two new offices. To keep moving forward, we are going to get certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. This will be done to improve the quality of our work and benefit the well-being of our employees.

We have recruited new people, which has given us the opportunity to expand into new areas of technology. In the spring of 2015 we also concentrated a lot on training.

Tommy Norgren

2015-10-05  Gasell 2015

We are happy to announce that Kraftkonsult has been elected one of the fastest growing businesses in Sweden 2015.

A "Gasell" company has:

  • an annual turnover of more than 10 million SEK
  • a minimun of ten employees
  • at least doubled its turnover since the first year
  • increased its turnover every year for the past three years
  • a positive EBIT over the last four years
  • grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers
  • healthy finances
Gasell 2015

2015-09-28  Upplands Energi

Kraftkonsult has signed an agreement with Upplands Energi regarding processing, documentation, cadastral surveying and forestry services. The agreement runs until mid-2017.

Logo Cmyk Page 001

2015-09-18  Job fair - Talents of the Future

Visit us at northern Sweden's biggest job fair - "Karriär och framtid 2015" (Career and Future 2015). We'll be there along with over 100 other employers. Click on the image for more information about the fair.

You can talk to us about the business or take part in our competition.

Maessa Sundsvall

2015-09-15  Nacka Energi

Kraftkonsult and Nacka Energi AB have entered into a general agreement regarding services in inspection, processing and documentation.

We are hoping that this new agreement will grow into a long-term cooperation that will be beneficial for both companies.

Nacka Energi Logga 2005

2015-09-10  Welcome, Christoffer Laurin

Christoffer will be working out of Söderhamn as a processor but is open to working elsewhere as well. For the past eight years he's worked as a lineman.

"I'm ready to take the leap towards processing. I think that my previous experience of working in the field will be very valuable."

Welcome, Christoffer!


2015-08-20  Kick-start after the summer holidays

To start off after the summer we organized two health and wellness days in the Söderhamn archipelago. We got to try a lot of different activities and had to put our teamworking skills to the test.


All mat lagades av en lokal kock som tillagade färska råvaror över öppen eld. Detta var en bra början på hösten, eftersom sådana här aktiviteter för oss samman och gör att vi blir lite extra produktiva.


2015-06-15  Kraftkonsult offers courses in ESA 14

Kraftkonsult is now offering courses in ESA 14. The study material har been updated according to the new standard SS-EN 50110-1.

The basic training is a two day course and the revision is a one day course. They are intended for people who are going to work at, or close to, power stations.

Feel free to call or e-mail us regarding prices.

2015-06-03  Kraftkonsult continues to cooperate with Falu Elnät

Kraftkonsult and Falu Energi & Vatten AB has entered into an agreement allowing Kraftkonsult to perform inspections on their grid, up to 50kV.

Falu Energi Vatten

2015-05-22  Health and Wellness Day

A few days ago, we kick-started our health and wellness training with a Health and Wellness Day. Some took the Cooper test to measure their oxygen consumption and then everyone participated in the group acitivities. It was a great day with all our employees gathered!


2015-05-21  New offices

In the last few weeks, we have hired new co-workers which has led to us opening two new offices located in Uppsala and Härnösand. This means that you can find us in even more places across the country.

2015-05-20  Kraftkonsult jogs away!

Last monday, Kraftkonsult participated in the Blodomloppet race which took place in Hudiksvall. Our team consisted of six happy joggers.

Our team and the other 5000 runners participated in the race to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.

After the race, everyone enjoyed a nice bite to eat to celebrate their achievements.

One of our employees even came in fourth place (!) in the 10K race. Well done!

We are looking forward to an equally successful event next year and hope that more coworkers sign up :)


2015-05-13  Kraftkonsult improves

Today, the employees at Kraftkonsult received training in BAS-P to meet the demands of the market.

2015-04-27  Welcome, Erik Schönning

On April 21, Erik Schönning started at Kraftkonsult and opened up a whole new field - forestry services!

Erik will work out of Uppsala, but will also be i Söderhamn from time to time, since he has his roots in the region. He will work with forest maintenance and investment projects handling everything that concerns woods and land around electrical plants.

Erik has worked at Vattenfall and has a degree in forestry.

Erik Schönning

2015-03-25  Surveying in the Stockholm archipelago

Vattenfall Services has hired Kraftkonsult to survey medium-voltage lines and substations on serveral islands in the Stockholm archipelago.


2015-03-24  Kraftkonsult signs a new agreement with Digpro

We have been hired by Digpro in Stockholm to transfer old project plans to a new system at Telge Elnät in Södertälje.


2015-03-23  Health and wellness training

Kraftkonsult is cooperating with Pulsträning

We are investing in health and wellness training in cooperation with Pulsträning. We want all our employees to be as healthy as possible.

Pulstraening Logga


2015-03-23  Cooperation agreement with Industriprodukter i Söderhamn AB

Kraftkonsult and Industriprodukter have entered into a cooperation agreement. We will have access to their service resources and they will have access to our consulting resources.


2015-03-19  Job fair

We went to a job fair at Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall to promote Kraftkonsult to the students at the university.

This was a great opportunity to meet students and possibly attract future employees, as well as promoting the company.


2015-03-17  Training

Kraftkonsult is investing in employee training

In addition to courses in EBR, requirements analysis and construction laws, we will focus on:

  • Mechanical design 0.4-145kV
  • Bas-P
  • Goals and motivation
  • Client relations
  • Excel - basic and advanced
  • Mast and pole work rescue
D3c 4931Xx


2015-03-16  Kraftkonsult is training future power engineers

Kraftkonsult's Tommy Norgren and Kristian Söderholm gave a course in basic power engineering to the students at the school.

The students were positive and gave the course 6/6 on relevance, lecturers and content, which of course was great news.

2015-03-10  New deal with Vattenfall Services

Kraftkonsult has been hired by Vattenfall Services to do processing work in Kramfors.

Our companies are already working together in the Stockholm area, and now we will also cooperate in northern Sweden.



2015-03-02  Welcome, Johan Hellström

Johan is an experienced processor and project manager and is going to be a great asset to Kraftkonsult. He has worked for several companies and has already made a name for himself in the business.

We are thrilled to have Johan with us. He will work out of our office in Härnösand.


2015-02-20  Further cooperation with Infratek

We are reinforcing Vattenfall's low-voltage lines in Värmdö and installing fiber cables on the existing high-voltage lines.


2015-02-13  Kraftkonsult enters into a new agreement

Kraftkonsult will offer consulting services in power distribution.
This cooperation will enable us to take on bigger projects and will hopefully open up new opportunities for both companies.
It is a one year agreement with possibility of extension.

2015-02-06  Sellihca

Achilles has renewed Kraftkonsult’s Sellihca qualification. The qualification is valid from February 6, 2015 to February 23, 2016.

Achilles launches supplier audits in the Nordic countries. Achilles annually performs over 8000 audits in various industries around the world. The audit supports buyers with risk management linked to social responsibility, environment, safety and quality. Suppliers get the opportunity to show their strengths and how well they fulfill the established criteria. They are also provided with a good basis for identifying development opportunities and establishing procedures for continuous improvement.


2015-01-19  Further cooperation with Eltel

Further cooperation with Eltel.

Kraftkonsult will continue to provide Eltel in Hälsingland with services after inspection. This is a result of several years of good cooperation between us. We hope that this will have a positive effect on Eltel's relationship with their end client.


2015-01-13  Sponsorship

Kraftkonsult is sponsoring Broberg IF and Gävle IF.

Kraftkonsult has been sponsoring Broberg IF and Gävle IF for some time. Being present in the community and supporting the local sports clubs is important for us at Kraftkonsult.

2015-01-05  We're renovating

We are renovating our head office.

We are currently renovating our head office in Söderhamn. It has not been an ideal place for office work, but that is about to change. The intent is to improve the work environment for our most important resource - our employees. We are looking forward to the result.

2015-01-02  A new year with new challenges

A new year with new challenges.

During 2014, we've been very busy and managed to make a name for ourselves, which is fantastic. We have signed several long-term agreements, for instance with Vattenfall Eldistribution. But the journey doesn't end here. In 2015, new deals will be made and we will continue to prove our competitiveness.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic new 2015.

Tommy​ Norgren, CEO