Härnösands Energi (1)

We have prepared to lay 0.4 kV-12 kV underground cables and located compact substations at the request of Härnösands Elnät AB.

Old 12 kV overhead lines, including pole-mounted substations, have been replaced by underground cables and new compact substations. Parts of the old 0.4 kV grid have mainly been replaced by underground cables. A 12 kV cable and a number of 0.4 kV cables have been laid, which adds up to 6.5 km of underground cable and 5 new substations.


Positioning of two new substations and 500 m of high-voltage overhead lines.


Laying of 7 km of underground cable to replace overhead lines. 4 new substations located.


Laying of 1.5 km of high-voltage cable, 1.5 km of underground cable and about 400 meters of submarine cable.


Connection of a cell site and laying of 600 m of 12 kV underground cables, 300 m of 0.4 kV underground cables, 1.65 km of high-voltage overhead lines and a new substation.


An insulated overhead line of 2.5 km replaced an old overhead line.


Positioning of a new substation and 600 m of high-voltage cable.

Byn Södra

Substation replacement.